All the healing tools.

We needed tools on our healing journey, and so do you. We have created and compiled resources, content and downloadables that helped us heal, in the hopes it will help you too!


Goldify is about manifesting the life you deserve with the power of gold - however, it’s also about the healing journey for Caylin and Chrissy. Learn what we did to heal! If you’re tired of running in circles, it may be time for a mindset shift. Manifest all that you could ever want, with one simple tool. Gold.

Free Heal Card Deck

The Heal Your Life With Us card deck includes 52 digital cards with healing meditations, manifestations, affirmations and recommended yoga poses to balance chakras and empower your inner spirit animal.

Get all 52 cards in one digital download.

Chakra Tea Time Recipe Set

Balance your energy and fuel your body with the Chakra Tea Time Recipe Set! Take a moment, set your intention, brew some chakra-cleansing tea, and meditate with us.

From root to crown, these handmade recipes are right from Chrissy’s kitchen! Sip and curl up in your robe for some tea and guided meditation with Caylin White - in just three minutes! 🕒

Free Manifestation Journal

This FREE manifestation journal is dedicated to helping you affirm, amplify and align with your desires. Journal prompts and chakra alignment for health, wealth, love, and peaceful manifestations.

Free Soul Recovery Quiz

This is a FREE self-knowledge quiz that will help recover your soul and help you find yourself again. This quiz will help you remember who you truly are.

Free Book Recommendations

We read, A LOT. We have compiled a list of healing books that we recommend on your journey. These books are life-changing in so many beautiful ways. Happy reading!

Free Crystal Guide

This free crystal guide showcases the healing stones, their names, images and meanings for quick learning.

Free Energy-Healing Webcast

This FREE 30-minute webinar is available including the basics of energy healing and Reiki, resources to balance and clear your energy and a guided meditation and distant Reiki session.

Free Cord-Cutting Meditation and Distant Reiki Session

A free cord-cutting session with guided meditation by Caylin White and distant Reiki by Chrissy Rice.

Free Zodiac Signs Deck

Use this free Zodiac signs deck to learn the basics of all 12 astrological signs.

"Without the right tools, you cannot build the home your soul lives in."

Caylin White

Want more tools?

Get more tools and monthly emails with healing tips, invitations to events and techniques to stay on top of your wellness game - no matter where you are on your healing journey.

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Heal Your Life With Us

The girls that healed themselves are here to heal you, too.


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